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Your account will come with a free template installed. If you are interested in a custom template for your business website, we do provide custom website design and programming services. Our custom services will allow you to work one-on-one with one of our dedicated designers to create the custom website template that you are looking for. 

The prices provided below are common ranges. These prices are not guaranteed. They vary from project to project depending on the complexity of the project. Contact our team to discuss your project and get an official quote. 

Template Design

  • Create a new website design
  • Customize a premade template design
  • Convert a PSD Photoshop file
  • Convert a current live website template

Webpage Design

  • Create a new webpage design
  • Customize a premade webpage design
  • Convert a PSD Photoshop webpage design
  • Convert a current live webpage design

Other Design

  • Custom Logo
  • Custom Forms
  • Creation of new, or updating of any existing Static (Non-Flash) graphics, images or pictures
  • Creation of new, or updating of any existing Flash content with video, graphics, or interactive web page animation

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Custom Website Design Services and Features
Custom Website HTML/CSS Template Design More Info Yes
Custom Logo Design More Info Yes
One-on-One Design Team Yes
Search Engine Friendly Design Yes
Static Web Pages More Info Yes
Custom Home Page Design More Info Yes
Web Page Heading Graphics More Info Yes
Custom form design More Info Yes
Designed for all popular browsers Yes
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