Cirkuit Networks Content Management System (CMS)

What is the CMS used for?
The CMS gives you the ability to manage from one to all pages of your website yourself with no programming knowledge required.  The Cirkuit CMS is designed to simplify the publication of content to websites such as the homepage, news and announcements, image galleries, video galleries, about us, policies pages, customer testimonials, website forums, FAQ's pages, and specific company information are just a sampling of the kind of content managed by the Cirkuit CMS.  The content managed may include image media, audio files, video files, electronic documents, and general web content. *(Monthly CMS service fee and one-time setup fee may apply. See CMS plans and pricing below).

Do  I need the Cirkuit CMS Service for my website?
We build all new websites and convert existing websites to the Cirkuit CMS.  If you do not want to manage any part of your website yourself you do not need to subscribe to the Cirkuit CMS service.  This is called "Cirkuit Managed CMS" where you have our staff make any changes to your website at our normal hourly rates *(See below for new website setup and existing website conversion fees, and hourly management rates).

What is the cost for the CMS Service?
There is a monthly service fee based on the number of web pages you want to be able to manage yourself on your website.  We have various CMS plans to suit from a small number of pages to hundreds of pages *(All CMS Service plans require a Cirkuit Networks Web Hosting plan or Cirkuit Commerce plan).

Can I use the Cirkuit CMS with another web hosting service?
No, the Cirkuit CMS is a proprietary system created and maintained by our programming staff to insure proper operation, security, and software updates as new features are added, a website using the Cirkuit CMS must be hosted on the Cirkuit Networks servers.

Cirkuit CMS Service Plans:

  Managed Lite Plus Pro Premier Platinum

Plan Pricing

Included at no additional cost






CMS Web Pages

Up to 8 pages

Managed + 10 pages

Managed + 25 pages

Managed + 50 pages

Managed + 100 pages


*Please note: Web hosting is not included with the above listed CMS Service plans. Please see our web hosting plans. Web hosting is provided if used in conjunction with an Cirkuit Commerce Plans.

Available Cirkuit CMS Plugins:

  • Image Gallery - $99.00 FREE
  • Media (Audio/Video/YouTube Player) - $99.00 FREE
  • Survey - $99.00 FREE
  • Form Designer (i.e. Testimonials) - $149.00 FREE
  • Store Locator - $199.00 FREE
  • Website Forum - $99.00 FREE
  • Controlled Login File Access - $199.00 FREE
  • Custom Plugin Work - $115.00/hourly

Cirkuit CMS Features:

  • Picture Upload
  • Customer Surveys
  • Custom Editing Fields
  • WYSIWYG Easy-to-Use Text Editor
  • Search Engine Friendly URL's
  • Automatic 301 URL Redirects
  • Custom META Keyword Tag Field
  • Custom META Description Tag Field
  • Secure Password Protected System
  • Full User Control to Add, Modify and Delete
  • The Cirkuit CMS System is customized to fit your website

Here are just a few benefits your online business can gain by using the Cirkuit Networks CMS:

  • Reduce costs of site maintenance
  • Streamline authoring process
  • Greater consistency
  • Increase site flexibility
  • Support remote authoring
  • Quick turnaround time for new pages and changes to your site
  • Ability to create custom CMS plugins based around your business needs
    (Creation of new custom CMS plugins - $115.00/hourly)
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