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Cirkuit Networks, Inc. provides a comprehensive range of Internet solutions for commercial businesses and online service providers. Cirkuit Networks solutions consistently help businesses increase their productivity and profitability. Cirkuit Networks offers a complete line of customized programs to ensure seamless services for our customers. Our strong partnerships with leading telecommunications and networking companies ensure that our customers can take advantage of the most advanced Internet technology. And, customer support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Cirkuit Networks Hosting

State of the Art Solutions

Class A Facility

Cirkuit Networks provides proven answers for IT Managers who must safeguard their company’s priceless data.

Our state-of-the-art data center features everything that you would expect from an enterprise hosting facility, providing the most reliable Internet services available.

Safe and Secure

• Biometric Secure Access
• Department of Homeland Security Designated Site
• On-site 24 x 7 x 365 Operations Personnel
• Closed Circuit Cameras
• 24-hour Network Monitoring
• FM 200 Fire Suppression
• Backups of all Data on Local Network and Offsite


Our Peering relationships with major carriers and content providers means Cirkuit Networks customers always maintain the fastest possible server-to-network performance.

Fully redundant OC-192 networks means always on connectivity.

Performance and Redundancy

Cirkuit Networks meets the performance and redundancy requirements of the most demanding customers by providing:

• Multiple Power Distribution Units
• Multiple Air Handlers for Constant Temperature
• UPS Power with Diesel Generator Backup
• Cross-connect to Over 13 Major Carriers
• Layered Backbone with Self-healing SONET Ring Network


In the event your infrastructure needs to grow, Cirkuit Networks is ready to follow your lead. We can start from a small server setup and scale to handle multiple servers, or entire IT data systems.


From a system consisting of a single server to multiple complex servers. Cirkuit Networks provides competitive pricing for your business to assist with your future growth.

No one offers faster more reliable network connectivity for your mission critical applications.


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